Open Data Mesh Initiative

An open initiative aimed at fostering the ongoing paradigm shift in the world of data through open source specifications and software. Sharing is caring. Join us!

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As the management of data becomes more and more decentralized, it's crucial to have clear, open, and shared specifications that can keep everything tied together and allow the ecosystem of supporting tools to grow harmoniously. That's why we're working on open specifications to formalize a data product in all its components.

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Technology by itself cannot solve our data problems. Nevertheless, a good set of tools can catalyse the organizational change processes that are essential to modern data management approaches. That's why we're developing an open source platform based on open specifications for managing the entire lifecycle of a data product from creation to retirement.

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Despite their promise, the new paradigms for data management are still in their early stages of development. To promote their adoption beyond innovators and early adopters, it is essential to exchange knowledge and foster their rapid development. For this reason, we have decided to create this initiative in order to contribute back to the community by sharing our experiences concretely.

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Last update: March 21, 2024
Created: January 31, 2023